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The fourth installment of the fun and challenging action puzzle game now available for Windows

The fourth installment of the fun and challenging action puzzle game now available for Windows

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Program license: Free

Program by: 5TH Cell

Works under: Windows

Also available for Android


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Program by

5TH Cell

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Scribblenauts Unlimited is a unique, inventive, side-scrolling action and puzzle game. The Unlimited release of the game is an evolved, improved version of the one that originated on the Nintendo DS, and it has been modified to make good use of the PC's differing input options.

Including well over 200 distinct levels, the game has plenty of challenges to offer to players. A wide variety of themes help keep these many areas fresh, and players will enjoy watching the game's signature art style adapt itself to these varying subjects.

The basic hook of the game is that, by writing the appropriate words on the screen, players can call into existence a wide variety of objects. Many of these will be of no use for particular puzzles, but summoning the right ones will quickly yield solutions to the problems players encounter. Writing "stairs," for example, might allow the player-controlled character to access an objective that was previously unavailable due to its height. The game includes an impressive and formidable stock of such objects, and players will likely enjoy discovering just how many of these items can be summoned.

Aside from this unique twist, the game is also well designed on a fundamental level. The puzzles it presents have been crafted to challenge the average player as the game progress, and they are rarely anything but fair. Occasionally, players might find themselves needing to seek help on the Internet if they are to progress further, but for most players a little extra thought and observation is likely to do the trick.

Despite having a generous amount of content to begin with, the game rewards players who attempt its levels more than once. Players who want to truly excel can seek out gold star ratings for all of the game's levels, a challenge that will occupy countless hours for even the most skilled. Scribblenauts Unlimited, therefore, does a good job of appealing to players with a wide variety of approaches, from casual fans who will be content with simply completing the game to hardcore gamers who will not be satisfied until they master. If there is one real downside to the game, it's that its mechanics can wear a little thin after a while, especially after the novelty of the central gimmick wears off.


  • Packed with content and challenges
  • Inventive item-creating mechanic sets the game apart from others


  • Might not hold interest long enough for some players to complete it
  • Game's graphics betray its roots on the Nintendo DS

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