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Solve challenging puzzles by creating any item you can think up

Solve challenging puzzles by creating any item you can think up

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Program license: Paid

Program by: Warner Bros. International Enterprises

Version: 1.27

Works under: Android

Also available for Windows


Program license

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Program by


Warner Bros. International Enterprises


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Scribblenauts Unlimited is an interesting puzzle and adventure game for the Android platform, and it's packed with all sorts of engaging and creative challenges. The main character is named Maxwell, and the player must control Maxwell as the character explores an open world full of dynamic and highly varied puzzles. What makes the game truly interesting is that the player can produce any item they can imagine to aid in solving whatever challenges are presented. By including certain specific adjectives to your creations, you can bestow special abilities to the items.

This isn't the first game in the Scribblenauts series, but it certainly represents a good step forward from the previous versions. The open-world nature of the game is quite a bit different than the standard single level approach of the older versions, and a new Object Library system gives players the opportunity to save objects and store them for later use. This makes it easy to recreate the same solution or piece of a solution without having to literally redraw the entire object.

In terms of playability, this game has been completely optimized to work with mobile platforms, meaning the controls have been streamlined for touchscreen utility. Navigation is as easy as ever since it is possible to zoom in and out, and there are numerous interaction methods that keep the player engaged. Of course, as with most new titles in a series, there are many familiar faces, but there are a few new characters to round out the roster.

Those who enjoy in-depth puzzles will love Scribblenauts Unlimited. The game is quite creative in terms of playability, and there aren't many other games that give the player the freedom to create their own in-game constructs. The challenges are difficult at times, but with enough patience and planning, they can be handled with relative ease. The fact that the game uses an open-world setting makes it even more engaging since it unleashes the linear progression to a truly unlimited experience.

As Maxwell makes his way through the world, the player will learn some of the backstory that led to the events of the game. You'll learn about Maxwell's home life, including his twin sister and 40 other siblings. You'll also see how Maxwell obtained the magic notepad that he uses to create his scribbled constructs. In every sense of the word, this game offers unlimited fun as players explore the unbound world of Scribblenauts Unlimited.

The only true downside to the game is that the graphics are a bit outdated and underdeveloped. They appear very cartoonish with thick black outlines and limited detail, but the animations are smooth and creative, and the artistic styling may very well be to optimize the ability to create constructs of an appropriate design for the task at hand. The touchscreen controls are exceptionally calibrated for this game type, and players will have no trouble learning how to expertly issue commands through the system.


  • Highly Intuitive Gameplay
  • Variable Puzzles


  • Overly Challenging
  • Limited Graphics